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About click! photobooths

Click! Photobooths is Central Florida's leading photo experience company. Whether you’re looking to elevate an intimate 50 person wedding or go all out for a corporate extravaganza, we’ve got the booths and the experience that you need. We’ve been working to create memorable, amazing experiences for thousands of clients (and their guests) since 2011.


Click! Photobooths is not a just another photo booth rental company with an attendant, but an experience with a knowledgeable professional operator. In fact, our business is to engage and deliver outstanding service and expertise for you and your guests. We have worked hundreds of events over the years which allows us to be familiar with your anticipated needs, your venues, and your vendors. Our priority is to deliver exceptional service and work with you one-on-one to make sure your event is a success. From all of us at Click! Photobooths, thanks for stopping by and we hope to meet you soon!


Top 3 reasons your event needs a photo booth:


1.  Keeps your guest's mingling!  

Having a photo booth at your next event will give guests, especially those who have not met previously, a point of commonness and an effortless conversation starter. In addition, if guests get pulled into a photo booth session with other guests they do not know, it's a sure way to break the ice and kickoff some new friendships and connections.


2.  The fun doesn't stop just because the event is over! Attendees will want to share their silly and amusing photos with others after the party is over. Guests can email the photos to themselves and share the photos on their social networks—including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Plus we all know someone who has a photo booth strip displayed on their desk, refrigerator or mirror; reminding them of the fun they had at that special event.


3. Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!

What host doesn't want their guests to have fun at their event? It is hard to characterize the entertainment value a photo booth generates for an affordable price. The photo booth will keep guests excited, busy and engaged and keep them talking long after the event is over!



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